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Tender specifications related to Specific brand

Tender specifications related to Specific brand

1.0 Brief Introduction:

MDL floated open tender for procurement of welding machines in which, one supplier alleged that MDL has accepted welding machines with deviations with respect to tender specifications.

1.1 Background:

An open tender was floated for the procurement of welding machines with specifying five brands in the RFQ. During the technical scrutiny, L1 bidder confirmed that welding machines will be supplied as per the tender specifications. However, while carrying out pre-dispatch inspection, certain deviations were observed by MDL Executives. Subsequently the same was rectified by the supplier. The machines were subsequently dispatched to MDL and same were accepted during receipt inspection by MDL.

Joint inspection of welding machines supplied by supplier was carried out by & Vigilance department along with welding expert to verify whether the specifications/parameters of the supplied welding machines are compliance with the specifications indicated in the Purchase Order.

During the investigation it was observed that the specifications in the tender was exactly matching with that of one of the specific brand.

1.2 Implementation:

The following Systemic Improvements were suggested by Vigilance Department and a memorandum to this effect was issued by Director for compliance by all concerned.

(i) The tender specifications are to indicate only generic specifications/main functional parameters as there could be some variations in certain ratings / specification from brand to brand.

(ii) While selecting the acceptable brands, it is to be ensured that they are at par in terms of performance, functionality and quality.

1.3 Impact and Benefits:

By implementing the above suggestions in the tender, we may get more prospective/competitive bidders in future tenders.


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