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MDL has undertaken a modernization programme at a cost of
INR 9 Bn

Capacity of warship & Submarine building increased since 2014

Shore integration facility to enable combat system integration off-site prior to on-board installation

Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL) had successfully completed the augmentation of their infrastructure through Mazdock Modernization Project (MMP) which comprises of a new Wet Basin, a Heavy Duty Goliath Crane, a Module Workshop, a Cradle Assembly Shop, Store Building and associated ancillary structures.

MDL is aiming at a paradigm shift in warship and submarine construction enabling integrated modular construction thereby reducing the construction period. Post-modernization, MDL capacity for shipbuilding has increased from 8 warships to 10 warships since 2014 and submarine capacity has increased from 6 submarines to 11 submarines since 2016.

Kanhoji-Angre Wet Basin

Module the new Wet basin equipped with 4 Level Luffing Cranes is a Civil Engineering marvel constructed in a marine environment offering 27000 square meter of berthing space to accommodate two large frigates and two submarines for outfitting which adds to MDL's self-sufficiency of its berthing needs.

Module Shop

Module shop having an area of approx. 6000 sq.m with two 50 tons EOT crane and retractable roof is designed for the fabrication of larger hull blocks, substantially pre-outfitted within a covered environment, wherein level of completion of outfitting in shop would be increased resulting in considerably reduced build period, improved quality together with better working environment for the operatives.

Goliath Crane

The Heavy Duty Goliath crane is having a lifting capacity of 300 T and is straddling across two slipways and the module shop with a span of 138m. The crane is equipped with future that enables overturning of modules to undertake construction of large ship block and thereby reducing build period considerably.

Cradle Assembly Shop

The Cradle Assembly Shop (CAS) along with Store Building has been constructed as part of construction program of submarines. The CAS is primarily being used for fabrication and pre outfitting of cradle structure in unit block assemblies. A store building with provision for automatic retrieval system and storage facility for sensitive sophisticated components under controlled environment is also annexed to the CAS.

SSA Workshop

The submarine-building capacity has been further enhanced by construction of additional Submarine Section Assembly Workshop (SSA) of 9,900 square meter. The workshop comprises of two bays, equipped with EOT Cranes (30T) as well as semi goliath cranes, which will facilitate fabrication as well as assembly of submarine units simultaneously. There is Blasting & Painting Chamber inside the Workshop to facilitate cleaning, blasting & painting of the Submarine Sections. The workshop is operational since 2016.