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Section of this Portal
    • Home
      Home page for MDSL website. It has latest Events happening in company, Message from Company.
    • About Us
      This section has introduction of MDSL, also has listing of all directors of company.
    • Annual Report
      Annual financial reports are listed under this heading. Also has directors report for last 10 years.
    • Ship Building
      This section gives detail information about ship building division, pictures of ships and various facilities available for same. It also includes contact detail for Division head.
    • Submarines
      This section gives detail information about ship building division.
    • Work / Service Contracts
      This section gives detail information about out sourcing department, various services available under it along with tendering part of it. It also includes contact detail for department head.
    • Career
      Recruitment of the company for all the posts
    • Tenders
      View the Tenders floated by the various departments of the MDSL for outsourcing different works and contracts.
    • Defence PSUs
      List of all defence PSU is listed under this.
    • Guest book
      Guests can leave their comments in guest book.
    • Enquiry
      Enquiry can be done for any queries by website users.
    • Public Grievance
      The Public Redressal Grievance Cell of MDSL is listed under this section. Grievance can be sent through it.
    • Information RTI Act 2005
      RTI act, list of key officials and other relevant data is present under this section.
    • Vigilance
      Vigilance information is available under this section.
    • Legal
      This section has all policies listed for Website usage.
    • Contact Us
      It has contact details of MDSL officials.
    • Site Map
      View the Tenders floated by the various ministries/departments of the Indian Government at the Central/State level for outsourcing different works and contracts.
    • Search
      Search through the contents of this Portal by giving appropriate key-words.
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