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Ship Building Introduction

MDL has constructed a variety of ships both for the defence and the commercial sector. The first modern warship to be built by the company was the Leander Class frigate "INS NILGIRI". The NILGIRI was launched in October, 1968 and commissioned in 1972. During the next nine years Mazagon Dock built and delivered five more frigates in this class for the Indian Navy. Indian Naval Ships Nilgiri, Himgiri, Udaygiri, Dunagiri, Taragiri and Vindhyagiri formed the main thrust package of the Navy in the seventies and eighties.

As the construction of the Leander series was nearing completion, the Navy evolved a design for a new generation frigate. Mazagon Dock was responsible for making all production drawings in respect of the new frigate. Unlike the Leanders, the new frigate was Indian in concept, design and execution. The ship was larger than the Leander frigate with about 25% more displacement, and could embark two large helicopters. This new class was christened as the "GODAVARI Class", and the first ship of the series "INS GODAVARI" was launched in May 1980 and commissioned in December 1983. INS GANGA and INS GOMATI followed in 1985 and 1988.

Mazagon Dock has also constructed two corvettes for the Navy. The Corvettes are smaller warships displacing about 1,500 tonnes. The first of the series, "INS KHUKRI" was commissioned in August 1989 and the second, "INS KUTHAR" in June 1990. Mazagon Dock has also built fast and powerful Missile Boats for the Navy. Three missile boats INS VIBHUTI, INS VIPUL and INS NASHAK were commissioned into the Navy between 1991 and 1994. A fourth boat, "INS PRABAL" launched at the Shipyard in September 2000 was commissioned in March 2002.

Mazagon Dock has delivered three Shivalik class frigates, INS SHIVALIK, INS SAHYADRI and INS SATPURA to the MoD for use by the Indian Navy between 2010 and 2012. The P17 frigates are multi role frigates and first-of-its kind warships built in India incorporating stealth features.

We have also recently constructed and delivered three P15A destroyers, INS Kolkata , INS Kochi and INS Chennai to the MoD for use by the Indian Navy between 2014 and 2016. The role of the P15A destroyers is to co-ordinate a task force in exerting sea control in a multi-threat environment. The P15A destroyers are capable of striking shore based targets and providing defence against hostile aircraft, submarines and surface ship

We are currently building four P-15 B destroyers and four P-17A stealth frigates for the MoD for use by the Indian Navy.

Besides warships for the Navy, Mazagon Dock has also constructed a series of Offshore Patrol Vessels for the Coast Guard. Seven Coast Guard Ships , which today form the mainstay of the Coast Guard fleet, were built and delivered to the Indian Coast Guard between December 1983 and March 1990.

Construction of Border Out Posts for the BSF was undertaken by MDL. The BOPs are floating police stations, each with four high-speed boats. MDL has built and delivered such vessels.

MDL has developed a wide range of products for the commercial sector and has constructed a variety of ships ranging from Multipurpose Support Vessel, Tugs, Dredgers, Water Tankers, Passenger cum Cargo Vessels, Floating cranes, Offshore supply vessels, Pontoons etc.

On the export front, Two multipurpose support vessel designed for diesel fuel, fresh water and deck cargo carriage, ROV operations and for azimuth thruster operation were constructed and delivered by us for foreign clients.

As one of the lead shipyard of India, MDL is committed to delivering Quality Ships, on time. Mazagon Dock has come a long way from being a small repair yard in the late 18 century to the country's leading Defence Shipyard capable of meeting the requirements of the Indian Navy towards its warship building programmes including submarines. The current order book position makes MDL, one of the most loaded shipyards in the world.

Page updated on 28 / 03 / 2018

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