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Attendance Recording System (Cases of NPI/NPO/AOD)

Attendance Recording System (Cases of NPI/NPO/AOD)

13.0 Brief Introduction:

Vigilance department conducted a surprise check on reports of regularization for AOD (Away on Duty), NPI (Not Punched IN) and NPO (Not Punched OUT) in the Attendance Recording System (ARS) in SAP.

13.1 Background:

During the investigation, it was revealed that the authorisation for regularisation of punched timing was given to many HR Executives and even to some of the Fixed Term Employees without approval of competent authority. The authorised employee could regularise his/her own punched timing in ARS in SAP. The regularisation of AOD/NPI/NPO was frequent in ARS in SAP. In some cases, late coming or early leaving w.r.t. the scheduled shift timings were also found to be regularised.

The present ARS system in SAP is technically foolproof and chances of error in recording or recording being un-noticed are very rare.

13.2 Implementation:

The following Systemic improvements suggested by Vigilance Department were implemented.

(i) The authorisation to regularise the Punch IN and OUT timing in SAP ARS should be entrusted to very limited Executives and such executives should approve the same after due check.

(ii) The System (ARS) itself should prevent any executive upto a particular rank to regularise his/her own NPI/NPO/AOD.

(iii) CIT department should issue authorisation for specific T-codes in SAP to the selected HR Executives only with the approval of GM (HR).

(iv) Periodical ‘Exception’ report about frequent use of NPI/NPO/AOD facility may be generated by CIT for information of concerned HOD/HOS.

(v) The ARS system should be modified suitably so that it does not permit correction in Timing except NPI/NPO/AOD. If NPI/NPO is due to system error, then the executive should inform CIT department who will suggest some alternate method.

(vi) NPI/NPO should not be regularised for overtime/incidental allowance and Saturdays.

(vii) AOD facility should be used / approved by competent authority for official purpose only.

13.3 Impact and Benefits:

Improvement in the controls of ARS system with the help of IT Department, the possibilities of irregularities in attendance regularization system are prevented.


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