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Systemic Improvement in Procurement of Allowance List Items of Specific Make and Model

Systemic Improvement in Procurement of Allowance List Items of Specific Make and Model

9.0 Brief Introduction:

A requirement of specific make tools for a project was published through MDL open tender.

9.1 Background:

As per the requirement of customer and contract obligations, allowance list items (tools) were required to be procured based on specific make from OEM authorised dealers. Accordingly, requirement was raised through open tendering. As per pre-qualification criteria published in tender, “Bidders should submit authorization letter from OEM along with their bids”.

After publishing tender, so many queries were received from prospective bidders regarding Authorisation letter, modifications in part nos. & description and also some of the tendered items were obsolete. One of the prospective bidders has raised the complaint and accordingly scrutiny of procurement process was carried out.

After investigation, procedural lapses were observed, however, that didn’t reflect any malafide intension. To avoid recurrence, some improvements were suggested.

9.2 Implementation:

As a systemic improvement, the following was suggested and the same was implemented through a memorandum from the Functional Director concerned.

(a) Wherever a Make/Model is specified for any allowance list item in the contract by IN/customer, the indenting Dept. should confirm the same with the customer prior raising the PR. The dealing Commercial Executive shall also get a confirmation for the need of specific Make/Model from indenting Dept.

(b) Design Dept. shall check the feasibility of including equivalent Indian brands in consultation with customer.

(c) PNC shall also refer to OEM’s price lists vis-à-vis quoted price to get maximum possible discount.

9.3 Impact and Benefits:

With the implementation of the above mentioned Systemic improvement, the possibility of post tendering complications shall be avoided. Also, customer should get updated items as per their requirement w.r.t specific Make/Model.


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