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A complaint can be registered online on this website by filling up the details given in the form below. A complaint registered online herewith must contain name, postal address and contact details (phone no.) of the complainant as requested in the form.

The complaint should be specific, brief and factual with verifiable facts supported by documentary evidences wherever possible.

Complaints with irrelevant, vague, absurd or generalised allegations will be disposed at the discretion of the CVO.

Anonymous / Pseudonymous complaints will not be considered for any action.

(Ref. CVC Circular No.03/03/16 dated 07.03.2016)

The complaint can be registered online by filling and submitting the following form.

(Kindly fill all details)

NOTE : All special characters like (>, <, =, $, ;, %, ^, :, &, *, ',' , [, ], {, }, +, -, _ ) etc. are not allowed. By any way you try to save it will be removed and then saved.

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