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Systemic Improvement –30T Weigh Bridge

Systemic Improvement –30T Weigh Bridge

3.0 Brief Introduction:

The 30T weigh Bridge in South Yard is primarily used for weighing trucks loaded with Scrap material and Liquid Oxygen Cylinders required by MDL.

3.1 Background:

CMD Memorandum No. CH/57/2020 was promulgated assigning single point responsibility to TS-YUC Section for overall maintenance and regular calibration of the weigh bridge.

A spot check was carried out to check compliance of the above mentioned CMD Memorandum.

During the spot check it was observed that the weigh bridge had lived its Codal Life and appropriate measures were to be undertaken for safe working of the bridge.

3.2 Implementation:

The following systemic improvements have been suggested:

Considering the wear and tear of the weigh bridge and the fact that it has lived its Codal Life, a process for installation of a new weigh bridge of suitable capacity so as to avoid discontinuation in the service in near future be considered.

3.3 Impact and Benefits:

Based on the above investigation, D(CP&P) has issued a circular for implementation of the aforesaid systemic improvements suggested by Vigilance Department which would lead to replacement of the existing Weigh Bridge in South Yard.


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