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List of Services

A) Services for Project Construction Requirement

  • Fabrication of Hull, Deck & Superstructure units.
  • Hull erection, alignment of units, full welding, dry survey, Air Pressure Test (APT), Water Pressure Test (WPT), Air Hose Test (AHT) & Water Hose Test (WHT).
  • Fabrication of sub-assemblies, lugs, etc.
  • Fabrication & installation of equipment & machinery seats.
  • Rolling of shell plates & of plates for anchor hawse pipes.
  • Radiography using Gamma rays.
  • Mechanical alignment of BWCS & AMDR seats.
  • Plasma cutting of 80HLES & non-HLES seats.
  • Fabrication of bilge blocks, keel blocks.
  • Hydro jet cutting/ Cold cutting of plates into flanges.
  • Rectification, correction, cutting to size & beveling of Pressure Hull (P.H.) plates using hydraulic press.
  • Installation of electrical & weaponry equipments.
  • Installation of trays/glands/hangers.
  • Laying of cables.
  • Repair/overhauling of main/auxiliary switchboards.
  • Connection & check wire.
  • Installation of engineering equipments.
  • Fabrication, Installation, pressure testing of various piping systems, fittings, etc.
  • Machining & installation of fit bolts.
  • Noise & vibration measurements.
  • Perforation of Aluminium sheets.
  • Shafting related jobs.
Hull Outfit
  • Hull outfit items (viz., Installation of doors, hatches, bollards, fairleads, manholes & lifting lugs; Fabrication & installation of sea tubes; Fabrication & installation of frame work to hold insulation; Installation, fitment & testing of eye-plates; Stud welding; Hot riveting; Fitment & full welding of tread strips; Fabrication & fitment of MS angle platform; Installation of OBD fittings;, Fabrication & installation of fixed & sliding supports for pipes; Fabrication & installation of wooden & steel racks & gratings; etc.).
  • Installation of Ventilation Trunking.
  • Rate Contract for Insulation (compartment; cool & cold room; piping; structural; hot & cold pipe; etc.).
  • Surface preparation (Jet washing, blasting & vacuum blasting) & painting.
  • In-situ machining/boring of ‘A’ bracket, shaft flange boring, reaming, steering gear foundation seats.
  • Modular accommodation.
Miscellaneous - I
  • Cleaning, mechanical wire brushing & oiling of tanks.
  • Preparation of (as-fitted) drawings, modelling of equipments, etc. using design software.
  • Chemical cleaning of pipes.
  • Hot dip galvanizing.
  • GRP coating.
  • Hiring of dehumidification-cum-cooling system.
  • Splicing of scramble nets.
  • Cutting, machining & testing of welding test pieces for Welding Procedure Specification (WPS).

B) Services for Yard Requirement

  • Fire fighting services.
  • Pest control services.
  • Fresh water supply through tankers.
  • Hiring of (mobile) cranes.
  • Hiring of cranes.
  • Hiring of portable generators.
  • Hiring of portable air compressors.
  • Hiring of tugs, barges & launches.
  • Hiring of forklifts.
  • Hiring of trucks & trailers.
  • Modernization/Refurbishment/Renewal of yard facilities (EOT cranes, Coles cranes; canteens; Hoists; crane rails; strengthening of support structure; etc.).
  • Rate-Contracts for maintenance of various systems & equipments of Yard (MIG welding machines; LPG system installed in canteens & Officers Mess; Lifts; Fire extinguishers; EPABX; Submersible pumps; Electric trucks; HT & LT electrical installations; Motors, Generators & Transformers).
  • Inspection & Testing facilities (Physical & chemical analysis/testing, Failure analysis, Testing of lubricating oil samples of on-board installed equipments & machinery, Hiring of Third Party Inspection & Quality Assurance Certification agency for equipments, items, material & subcontracted works).
  • Facility Hire (Transportation, Hiring of photocopying facilities/services, Scanning & formatting QA documents, transportation of items, etc.).
  • Rate contract for Rice, pulses, provision & groceries, edible oil, vegetables, non-vegetarian items, etc., stationery & services for canteens/Officer Mess.
  • Housekeeping Services (inside MDL premises, on board ships & inside MDL Residential Area).
Miscellaneous - II
  • Procurement of ship models.
  • Hotel accommodation for Russian/French specialists.
  • Hiring of specialists’ services (NITIE for Cost Estimation training, etc.).
  • Minor works such as
    • (i) Electrical maintenance in Residential Area.
    • (ii) Plumbing & Masonry in Residential Area.
    • (iii) Internal painting of flats in Residential Area.
    • (iv) Pre-monsoon repairs for various buildings of MDL, etc.
  • Hiring of security services & Security Surveillance system.
  • Rate Contract for Custom House Agent for Air/Sea Consignments.
  • Hiring of courier service.
  • Engagement of travel agent.
  • Engagement of agents for releasing company’s advertisements.
  • Contract for carrying out written test, etc. for selection of candidates for appointment to officers’ cadre.
  • Catering services during sea trials of ships.
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Corporate Office

  • Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited,
    Dockyard Road, Mazagon,
    Mumbai - 400 010,
    Maharashtra, India.
  • Telephone No.:
    Board: +91 - 2376 2000, 2376 3000,
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